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Bay River Scene

BRA Cricket

About Cricket

Walkaloosa. For sale: $900.00

BRA Cricket
2003 Walkaloosa gelding

Pedigree of BRA Cricket

Po Monte Joker
Nora's Joker
Say Nora
Follette's Imp
Imp's 2 Eye Cloud
Baby Me

JoeCoatOfManyColor #562268
Roman's Straw Man
High Jacked
Straw Witch
Joker's Bill
Joker's Bewitched
Patochas Little Girl
Reed's Shadow Man
Shadow's Spotted Alen
Midnight Curlee P
Chance Of Shadow
Triple Chance D
Molly D's Surprise
Molly Darling Chance

Spirit's Little Darling 3874322 (TWHA)
Pride Of Midnight HF
Pride's Dark Spirit
Spirit Of Merry Boy
Guardian Spirit
Go Boy's Shadow
Beau's First Shadow
Beau's Playmate


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