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Bay River Scene

Joe's Dusty Cimarron

About Dusty

Dusty is people oriented. Dusty is 97% FPD. He should be a 100% color producer with his color pattern. Dusty's foals:

Joe's Dusty Cimarron #602362
2001 fewspot/snowcap leopard
Stud Fee: $300.00 LFG
Contact Bay River for more information.

Pedigree of Joe's Dusty Cimarron

Po Monte Joker
Nora's Joker
Say Nora
Follette's Imp
Imp's 2 Eye Cloud
Baby Me

JoeCoatOfManyColor #562268
Roman's Straw Man
High Jacked
Straw Witch
Joker's Bill
Joker's Bewitched
Patochas Little Girl
It's About Time
JPS Plaudit
Joker's Miss Patche
JPS Justice
Cody's Frosty Boy
Miss Amanda
Angles Candy

ImaCherokeeCimarron #589761
Heritage Mac
Graystone Plaudit
Miss Dandy Bark
Thunder Spy
Graystone Sweetstar
Pen-Mars Candy


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