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Bay River Scene

WOA Moriah

About WOA Moriah

Moriah came to Bay River from Wolf Oak Appaloosas.
She produced her first foal for us in 2003 (Micante's Hope).
Her second foal arrived March 2005 - a snowcap/fewspot leopard colt, named "Woody".
WOA Moriah
WOA Moriah
1987 Appaloosa mare

Hope as yearling
This is Moriah's 2003 daughter, Micante's Hope, as a yearling. Hope's sire is Joe.

Moriah in her favorite position - eating.

Moriah and her new foal, Woody.
Woody's sire is Joe's Dusty Cimarron.

Pedigree of WOA Moriah

Juaquin F-801
Candy F-320
Cloud Princess F-1026
Navajo's Candy #85389
Chief Navajo F-1970
Crusty T-691
Daughter of Chief Navajo
WOA Sarcee's Candy #440668
Simcoe's Chinook F-1610
Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634
Morgan's Cheetah F-1078
Weeping Water #121193
Charlie W. Peterson mare
Arab Toswirah Alkhar F-2417
Siri Sheik F-1833
Desert Veeinte
Pepper's Shamrock F-4090
Renner's Pepper T-6
Pepper Face T-211
Freckle Face F-524
Money Creek's Shameila #96937
Sundance F-500
Woodrow Sheik F-502
Money Creek's Sheila Warrior ID-946
War Horse F-838
Babe Warrior F-1309
Greta Warrior 835


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