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Bay River Scene

Spirit's Little Darling

About "Spirit"

Spirit's Little Darling
1995 Tennessee Walker mare

Pedigree of Spirit's Little Darling

Go Boy's Shadow
Reed's Shadow Man
Bonnie Boyd
Shadow's Spotted Alen
Elrod's Gold Sun
Midnight Curlee P
Sue Lassiter

Chance of Shadow #897094
Gay Chance
Triple Chance D
Double Chance D
Molly D's Surprise
Gay Chance
Molly Darling Chance
Chance's Beauty Allen
Midnight Sun
Pride Of Midnight HF
Pride Of Stanley
Pride's Dark Spirit
Spirit Of Midnight
Spirit Of Merry Boy
Marilyn J

Guardian Spirit TWHA #874322
Merry Go Boy
Go Boy's Shadow
Merry Walker
Beau's First Shadow
Midnight Beau
Beau's Playmate
Powell's Playgirl


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