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Bay River Scene


About Woody

Woody was foaled March 16, 2005. His sire is Joe's Dusty Cimarron, who is our Junior Stallion. His dam is WOA Moriah.

Woody (short for Woodrow)
2005 snowcap/fewspot leopard
Contact Bay River for more information.

One hour...

Where's the beef, er I mean milk?....Oh yeah here it is!

Enjoying the good life...


Sleep is SO good!

Note that my face markings and my grandma's are really similar. Do you think we are related? A double star...does that mean I'll be twice as famous?

Aren't I adorable?

Here I am outside with mom.

Now don't I have a memorable face?
Woody and Moriah
Here's me and my ma on a special day (so they tell me) - it's 'Easter' 2005, and I'm about 10 days old.

Pedigree of "Woody"

Nora's Joker
Imp's 2 Eye Cloud
JoeCoatOfManyColor #562268
Straw Witch
Joker's Bewitched

Joe's Dusty Cimarron
JPS Plaudit
JPS Justice
Miss Amanda
ImaCherokeeCimarron #589761
Graystone Plaudit
Graystone Sweetstar
Candy F-320
Navajo's Candy #85389
Crusty T-691
WOA Sarcee's Candy #440668
Simcoe's Sarcee F-1634
Weeping Water #121193
Charlie W. Peterson mare

WOA Moriah
Siri Sheik F-1833
Pepper's Shamrock F-4090
Pepper Face T-211
Money Creek's Shameila #96937
Woodrow Sheik F-502
Money Creek's Sheila Warrior ID-946
Babe Warrior F-1309


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